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By Thomas Cleary

Recognized in chinese language as Hua-yen and in eastern as Kegon-kyo, the Avatamsaka Sutra, or Flower decoration Scripture, is held within the optimum regard and studied by way of Buddhists of all traditions. via its constitution and symbolism, in addition to via its concisely acknowledged ideas, it conveys an enormous diversity of Buddhist teachings.

This one-volume variation comprises Thomas Cleary's definitive translation of all thirty-nine books of the sutra, in addition to an creation, a word list, and Cleary's translation of Li Tongxuan's seventh-century consultant to the ultimate ebook, the Gandavyuha, "Entry into the area of Reality."

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It signifies that while wisdom accords with situations, there is not any contrast of essence and features, and therefore there's no delivery, subsistence, or extinction. in keeping with those meanings it really is referred to as “not empty, now not existent. ” whereas the Sandhinirmocana Scripture during this means shall we us comprehend, by way of recognition, that vacancy and life are nondual, The Flower decoration Scripture isn't like this: The Flower decoration simply unearths the Buddha’s essence and serve as of basic wisdom of the only truth, the elemental physique, the elemental cosmos. as a result it merges precise essence and features, the oceans of the truth physique and the physique of outcomes of deeds, the present physique. It at once issues out immediately to humans of the top colleges the fundamental wisdom of the original cosmos of fact, the features of Buddhahood. this can be its approach of educating and enlightenment; it doesn't talk about such phenomena as generating awareness in response to phantasm. in keeping with the Saddharmapundarika Scripture, Buddha seems on the earth to enlighten individuals with Buddha-knowledge and purify them, no longer for the other spiritual car, no moment or 3rd car. additionally it says that Buddha doesn't recognize the knowledge of the essence and features of Buddha by means of humans of the 3 cars. hence the Saddharmapundarika Scripture says, “As for a number of the meanings of essence and features, in basic terms I and the opposite Buddhas of the 10 instructions recognize them—my disciples, person illuminates, or even nonregressing enlightening beings can't understand them. ” as the Saddharmapundarika Scripture joins the transitority experiences of the 3 cars and brings them eventually to the genuine realm of truth of the Buddha-vehicle, its doctrine to some degree fits that of The Flower decoration Scripture. The Flower decoration Scripture at once finds the door of consummate buddhahood, the world of truth, the elemental essence and serve as of the cosmos, speaking this to humans of enhanced colleges in order that they might wake up to it: it doesn't arrange the provisional didactic machine of 5, six, seven, 8, and 9 consciousnesses just like the Sandhinirmocana Scripture does. As for the Sandhinirmocana Scripture’s institution of a 9th, natural cognizance, there are meanings. For something, it truly is for the sake of these of the 2 lesser automobiles who've lengthy sickened of beginning and loss of life and domesticate vacancy to annihilate awareness, aiming at once for empty quiescence. additionally, within the subsequent part, the Prajnaparamita Scriptures speak much approximately vacancy and refute the thought of life, to show round the minds of the 2 autos in addition to enlightening beings engaged in slow research. in addition they make the six methods of transcendence the car of perform. even though a few of these within the cars are switched over, they and the gradual-practice enlightening beings are predominantly susceptible towards vacancy. it is because the ordinary healing teachings for the gradual-study enlightening beings are just like some degree to these for the lesser automobiles; they do have, despite the fact that, a section extra compassion than the latter.

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