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By Katherine A. Applegate

Every little thing the Animorphs have ever identified is set to change... The Yeerks suspect that the socalled "Andalite Bandits" are human in the end. And the Animorphs recognize it is only a topic of time ahead of the Yeerks examine their identities and infest them...and their households. whatever significant needs to be performed speedy. simply because now, the Animorphs can inform you who they are--and that adjustments every little thing.

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There is a heavy field on your handbag. Get it out. > She nodded, reached into her bag, and pulled out a small blue dice. The morphing dice. It was once one of many purposes i wanted Rachel. It was once too mammoth and too heavy for a red-tailed hawk. Rachel had carried it from the Hork-Bajir valley in her eagle talons. I acknowledged, Loren set the dice at the sofa and pressed her hand flat opposed to the pinnacle. "Ooh! " she begun. "It surprised me. " I stated. Ax's thought-speak used to be demanding. Sirens wailed. a couple of blocks away. rushing nearer. I informed Loren, She nodded. She appeared burdened. yet she did it. stated Marco. I saved my thought-speak even. She frowned. "Is this a few form of bizarre contact treatment? " Loren pressed her hand opposed to my feathers. Her brow wrinkled in focus. THWOK! THWOK! THWOK! Helicopter blades. I informed Loren. Ax was once past under pressure. I stated. permit the hawk surge via you? No ask yourself she was once skeptical. I seemed like a few Psychic community freak fortune-teller. however it labored. Loren's epidermis darkened to the hawk's dusky brown. an overview of feathers etched itself throughout her physique. She clutched her arm. Raked her arms over the feather development. "What's taking place to me? " guy. What was once it with that note? "I'm WHAT? " vehicles screeched to a cease. doorways slammed. I heard footsteps. Shouts. THWOK! THWOK! THWOK! THWOK! The helicopter was once above the home now. yet inside of, i used to be calm. made up our minds, definite. practical. yet now not panicked. i used to be like . . . Jake. Yeah, Jake. simply because now I had the single objective Jake had constantly had. to save lots of my relatives. I stated. Loren nodded. Loren took a deep breath. The ridged scars on her face smoothed out. Flattened. Her cranium crunched and molded itself right into a streamlined hawk head. The feather trend solidified and burst from her epidermis. she acknowledged. I stated. without warning, her physique shrank to the ground. Legs narrowed. the outside protecting them hardened into scales. ft shot out into lengthy talons. The morph was once entire. She was once a hawk. A red-tailed hawk. precisely like me. Her thought-speak was once a whisper. She blinked her fierce eyes.

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