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By Sidney Spite


A comic story e-book, actually tasteless humor. quite should still offend everybody


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Identify of a Preppie lady who ju t do~n't gi e a amn · · · · an-fuck-it. 21 20 What · do • ou "all "' a p rep ·1 P e with lo ng I cks'? H a1r-apparent · ** D'd I you pay attention concerning the p . mu h he wore her ~ repp•e spouse wh her husband' rainy doul-weather apparatus to beo hated ~ex reams'! d beeau e oro .. . hat' it known as whilst a . . Preppie throw or a couple of blue . Off the cuff. Jean ? away hello chin ••• Th WeeJ'name un . of a Preppi woman who' a idler · • · penn) • Then cau there e the be • a the p repple · who gave up hello Joare,.. have been t o bJg a ta el. l " ••• What' . a well-dressed p p Arepp1e ? repple who offers head to different seersucker peer ucker. ••• How doe a Pre pp1e . donning a tuxedo butt-fud: h date? Cum-her-bun. • an ioforrnaliY dre ed Prepp•e male? \ h3t bl. ler as gap. ••• sexy Preppies who draped Dld you listen approximately th. e i ter ' girlfriends'? . . . You ve zero -. er all the1r tbCITl l , '" Brook~ Brother . non. ••• Hll~ did the Preppie lady recognize her date was once a fraud? He suggestion Pappagallo wa the granddaddy of wine. ••• What occurred whilst the we\1-dre ed Preppie dro\ e rnto the farmer' box fre hello coated w•th manure and pun hello wheel ? A car-digging in hit-land. ll'll exp\am that one: A cardigan 111 _ hetland you get 1t? Signed . • 1dne)' ow do p1te ••• \\h} did the Preppie wear a rubber? Becau e he wa ob erving Cunt-etiquette. (A geograph)' · · 1gned - .. p1te) in "' • * Why do Pr~ppie boy \ike Mi y quite a bit? Becau M• y-chew -it. ••• ~ identify of a Preppie lady who ju t do~n't gi e a amn · · · · an-fuck-it. 22 What Preppie boys will go back and forth some distance for . . . Martha's Ri mjob. * * * What did the Preppie woman inform her boastful Preppie boyfriend? Get offyour High-anus. game. * * * Why did Kenny force off the line? simply because Kenn y-drunk-port. * * * Why is it known as Bar Harbor? simply because Preppies wish to swim of their beverages . * * * How did the Preppie understand his date was once a fraud ? simply because she notion .. Come on over to Newport" intended he sought after her to change manufacturers. * * * Si x nice Preppy Lies : I. I went to Choate. 2. My ancestors came to visit at the Mmllml"er. three. My mom is a Daughter of the Ame~ica n Revolution. I t's by no means been like this with somebody else. i. ! "II admire you within the morning. ;. I will not cum on your mouth. 23 How does a Preppie greet his spouse after work'! D. A. R.. i am domestic. · *** Preppie ladies have been speaking. One confided in her buddy : "My husband cannot get it up for me anymore. " The buddy stated, "Have you attempted giving him nutrition E? "' Horrified at her friend's false impression, the 1st woma n exclaimed, " i used to be speaking approximately his checking account! " ** * \\'hat's the nearest a Pre ppie girl will get to being humped from at the back of? while she wears a camel's-hair coat o n h e r again. * * * Why used to be the Preppie as h a med of himself the morning after? He Ralphed o n Lauren. * * * Why did th e Pre ppie cross t o th e s in line with m bank"' T o put money into thrust cash for his childrens. * * * What are Preppies who take a seat in ca rs with the automobiles working? The idle wealthy . 25 24 Why do Preppies continuously glance flu hed'' lf it is not the alcohol, then it is the refl~ctio f purple hirt .

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