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From Robert Grosseteste to Jean-Francois Lyotard, Augustine s advice that point is a dilation of the soul ("distentio animi") has been taken up as a seminal and arguable time-concept, but in "The house of Time," David van Dusen argues that this dilation has been essentially misinterpreted. Time in "Confessions" XI is a dilation of the "senses" in beasts, as in people. And Augustine s time-concept in "Confessions" XI isn't Platonic yet in schematic phrases, Epicurean. choosing new affects at the "Confessions" from Aristoxenus to Lucretius whereas holding Augustine s phenomenological interpreters in view, "The area of Time" is a path-breaking paintings on "Confessions" X to XII and a ranging contribution to the background of the concept that of time."

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Thirteen, XI. 31)  244 12 A training of Augustine’s Time-Investigation (Conf. XI. 11–29)  246 12. 1 The Soul’s means to feel Time (Conf. XI. 15–16)  247 12. 2 “A very long time can't develop into Long . . . ” (Conf. XI. 11)  249 12. three The creation of occasions as a situation for Time (Conf. XI. eleven, XII. 8)  251 13 From a feeling of Passing Time to a Dilation of the Senses (Conf. XI. 14–29)  254 thirteen. 1 Praesens Tempus and a feeling of Temporal durations (Conf. XI. 15–16)  256 thirteen. 2 occasions aren't ‘Times’ and Presence isn't really ‘Presence’ (Conf. XI. 20)  264 thirteen. three “As I simply acknowledged, We degree instances as They move” (Conf. XI. 21)  269 thirteen. four Vagaries of movement and the creation of Dilation (Conf. XI. 24–26)  271 thirteen. five Sensation and Originary Temporal Mensuration (Conf. XI. 27–28)  277 thirteen. 6 “The Verse Is Sensed by way of a transparent Sensation” (Conf. XI. 27)  285 thirteen. 7 “Something is still Infixed in My reminiscence” (Conf. XI. 27)  297 thirteen. eight “These Are ‘Times,’ or i don't degree instances” (Conf. XI. 27)  300 thirteen. nine “Songs and the size of events” (Conf. XI. 27–28)  306 x Contents ENVOI: Time Exceeds Us simply because Time Is in Us  312 Appendices  314 1 feedback on Plotinus, Aristotle, Sextus Empiricus and Augustine  314 2 Augustine and the Paris Condemnations of 1277  320 three Pierre Gassendi’s Metaphysical Confession of Time  324 four Thomas Hobbes’s actual Confession of Time  328 decide on Bibliography  334 Index  356 Acknowledgements i'm significantly indebted to professors Robert J. Dodaro, Johannes Hoff, Mathijs Lamberigts, James Luchte, Gerard J. P. O’Daly, James J. O’Donnell and Gerd Van Riel, for patronage within the old-fashioned. it truly is because of the singular generosity of the Paters Augustijnen of Thomas van Villanovaklooster that I revised the distance of Time whereas in place of dwelling on the Augustijns Historisch Instituut in Louvain. The paintings has benefited from their holdings, and that i from their camaraderie. My editors in Leiden, Joed Elich and Nicolette van der Hoek, have been supremely precious, and Brill’s reviewers have been beneficiant and perceptive. Rebecca Mahay went over the typescript with a willing eye and a mild hand. and eventually I thank my relations, who've noticeable earlier fortune and misfortune with the inconcussible evenness of affection. Louvain, 2013 D. D. checklist of Abbreviations Ael. Nat. anim. Aelian, De Natura Animalium Alb. Phys. Albertus Magnus, Physica Amb. Hymn. Ambrose of Milan, Hymnae Amm. R. gest. Ammianus Marcellinus, Res Gestae Anon. C. Phil. nameless 6th-century composite, Contra Philosophos Aq. S. Th. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae Ar. Rhyth. Aristoxenus, Elementa Rhythmica Arist. Anim. Aristotle, De Anima Arist. Aud. Aristotle, De Audibilibus Arist. Cat. Aristotle, Categoriae Arist. Gen. corr. Aristotle, De Generatione et Corruptione Arist. Mem. Aristotle, De Memoria et Reminiscentia Arist. Met. Aristotle, Metaphysica Arist. Phys. Aristotle, Physica Arist. Poet. Aristotle, Poetica Arist. publish. Aristotle, Analytica Posteriora Arist. Prob. Aristotle, Problemata Arist. Rhet. Aristotle, Rhetorica Arist. Sens. Aristotle, De Sensu et Sensato Arist. Lat. Phys. Aristoteles Latinus, Physica Arist.

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