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This ebook contributes to the knowledge of Dionysos, the Greek god of wine, dancing, theatre and ecstasy, through placing jointly 30 experiences of classical students. They mix the research of particular situations of specific dimensions of the god in cult, fable, literature and iconography, with normal visions of Dionysos in antiquity and sleek occasions. merely from the combo of other views will we clutch the complicated character of Dionysos, and the types of his presence in several cults, literary genres, and creative varieties, from Mycenaean occasions to past due antiquity.

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136 Christopher A. Faraone palms of his mom Ino, whilst she leaps into the ocean in such a lot types to flee being murdered via the boy’s father. either are then became gods who defend sailors, he as Palaimon and she or he as Leukothea, the ‘White Goddess,’ who famously saves Odysseus from drowning via giving him recommendation and her veil. forty six She is, in addition, defined within the Odyssey as an individual who ‘before have been a conversing mortal, yet now within the depths of the ocean took her percentage of honor from the gods,’ an outline that recollects the claims made for the Thessalian matron. forty seven and prefer the girl from Pelinna, Ino has a Dionysiac earlier: she is likely one of the 3 daughters of Cadmus, who famously leads one of many maenadic bands on Mt. Citheron and (in a few types of the tale) who by myself turns into the wet-nurse to the younger god after his mom Semele dies. Like Theseus, Melikertes falls into the ocean (in his case to prevent loss of life by the hands of his father) and is then over excited by means of a dolphin. regardless of his eventual apotheosis, the Greeks of their worship of him excited by the useless human physique dropped at the Isthmos, the place nocturnal, mournful rites have been instituted in his honor. forty eight Like Theseus (see be aware 43), his distinct age is differently pronounced or illustrated, with photographs of him starting from a toddler in his mother’s fingers to a wide baby in a position to trip a dolphin like a horse. forty nine Palaimon, furthermore, turns into the point of interest of a big secret cult at Isthmia, in a small sanctuary positioned along the panhellenic sanctuary of Poseidon and Amphitrite. 50 we all know that the sanctuary had very excessive partitions to guard the secrecy of the rites and that a few type of secret cult was once celebrated, yet as is frequently the case the suitable information elude us, past the most obvious conjecture that the awesome sea-change of the mortal boy Melikertes into the god Palaimon probably supplied a version or at the least idea for the initiates themselves. yet was once he, actually, a cultic version for all of the initiates who got here to his sanctuaries? Ino, in truth, would supply a greater version for girls, simply because she is divinized within the related means as her son and whilst. She additionally finally ends up with an identical protecting strength for these at risk at sea. students have, actually, lengthy forty six See Gantz 1993, 176–180 for a whole dialogue of the entire references. forty seven Od. five. 334–335: ἣ πρὶν μὲν ἔην βροτὸς αὐδήεσσα,/νῦν δ’ἁλὸς ἐν πελάγεσσι θεῶν ἒξ ἔμμορε τιμῆς. See additionally the boasts at the drugs from Thurii: OF 487. four θεὸς ἐγένου ἐξ ἀνθρώπου and OF 488. nine θεὸς δ’ ἔσηι ἀντὶ βροτοῖο. forty eight even though there is not any literary or epigraphical facts for any initiatory immersion ritual in the course of the mysteries of Palaimon, the lifestyles in his Isthmian sanctuary of a water-proof underground chamber with blue painted partitions and floor means that the initiates might certainly have had a few type of initiatory adventure in an ‘underwater atmosphere. ’ See Gebhard 2005, 202–203. forty nine Pache 2004, 160–170. 50 Koester 1990, 357 and Pache 2004, 171–174; the latter offers a plan of the sanctuary (Fig.

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