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By B. Alan Wallace

By setting up a discussion within which the meditative practices of Buddhism and Christianity communicate to the theories of recent philosophy and technology, B. Alan Wallace unearths the theoretical similarities underlying those disparate disciplines and their unified method of making experience of the target global.

Wallace starts off by way of exploring the connection among Christian and Buddhist meditative practices. He outlines a series of meditations the reader can adopt, exhibiting that, although Buddhism and Christianity vary of their trust platforms, their equipment of cognitive inquiry supply related perception into the character and origins of attention.

From this convergence Wallace then connects the ways of latest cognitive technological know-how, quantum mechanics, and the philosophy of the brain. He hyperlinks Buddhist and Christian perspectives to the provocative philosophical theories of Hilary Putnam, Charles Taylor, and Bas van Fraassen, and he seamlessly comprises the paintings of such physicists as Anton Zeilinger, John Wheeler, and Stephen Hawking. Combining a concrete research of conceptions of attention with a consultant to cultivating mindfulness and profound contemplative perform, Wallace takes the clinical and highbrow mapping of the brain in intriguing new directions.

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