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By Jessica Priestley

In a chain of literary experiences, Priestley explores the various earliest historic responses to Herodotus' Histories in the course of the extant written list of the early and center Hellenistic interval. Responses to the Histories have been wealthy and sundry, and the variety of Hellenistic writers responding in numerous how you can Herodotus' paintings is partly a mirrored image of the Histories'own vast scope. The Histories remained appropriate during this later age and persevered to talk meaningfully to a wide variety of readers lengthy after Herodotus' death.
Herodotus and Hellenistic tradition explores a number of discourses the place Herodotus occupies an incredible position within the highbrow historical past, and, particularly, it attracts cognizance to writers no longer frequently classified as historians with a view to expand our views on Herodotus' cultural value. via discussions of up to date discourse when it comes to, for example, the Persian Wars, geography, the wondrous, aesthetics, literary kind, and biography, it nuances our figuring out of ways historic readers reacted to and appropriated the Histories to serve their very own designated rhetorical targets. the amount additionally contributes to scholarship that reappraises the very time period 'Hellenistic', drawing cognizance to either diachronic continuities and synchronic diversity.

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5). Agatharchides mentions historians of the earlier who did and didn't talk about the Nile: he says that Hellanicus, Cadmus, Hecataeus, ‘and all such males’ became to solutions at the Nile provided by means of myths; that ‘Herodotus, a curious guy if there ever used to be one, and with event in lots of inquiries, attempted to provide an account of those issues, yet he's chanced on to have contradictory assumptions’ (œ ˙æüäïôïò äb › sixty one On Amometus: Fraser (1972), I 521, II 750. Callimachus, FF 457–9 (Pfeiffer). Diod. Sic. 1. 32–41 = FGrH 86 F19. See extra Burton (1972), 18–25, who reports the proof and concludes that Agatharchides of Cnidus is the most probably ‘ultimate’ resource for 1. 37–41 (and potentially for elements of one. 30–6), yet that Artemidorus of Ephesus could have been Diodorus’ intermediate resource. Hecataeus of Abdera is normally considered the resource for a lot of the remainder of Diodorus’ first ebook: Murray (1970), 144–50; yet see now Muntz (2011). sixty four this is often admittedly a difficult assumption, which I speak about in additional aspect somewhere else: Priestley (forthcoming). whereas the resource feedback of the passage is complex and my review of the assets might be challenged, the passage is however a truly attention-grabbing one that advantages a few dialogue during this context. As pointed out in n. 60, above, Helen Todd is at present engaged on an incredible (and a lot fuller) dialogue of this passage. sixty two sixty three 130 Herodotus and Hellenistic tradition ðïºıðæܪìøí, åN ŒÆß ôØò ¼ººïò, ªåªïígò ŒÆd ðﺺBò ƒóôïæßÆò ŠìðåØæïò KðØŒåååßæÅŒå ìbí ðåæd ôïýôøí IðïäØäüíÆØ ºüªïí, MŒïºïıŁÅŒgò äb IíôغåªïìÝíÆØò •ðïíïßÆØò å•æßóŒåôÆØ); that Xenophon and Thucydides ‘who are praised for the truthfulness (IºÞŁåØÆí) in their histories’ didn't point out Egypt; and that Ephorus and Theopompus ‘gave the main cognizance to those issues yet detect the reality least of all’ (Diod. Sic. 1. 37. 4). From its context, Agatharchides’ description of Herodotus as ‘a curious guy’ (polypragmōn) appears to be like respectful, although the term’s semantic variety features a extra destructive experience, ‘busy-body’. sixty five Agatharchides isn't adopting a polemical stance in the direction of his predecessors here,66 yet is as a substitute outlining within the briefest of kinds the shortcomings of earlier discussions at the Nile. Agatharchides’ respectful angle in the direction of Herodotus can also be obtrusive later in his dialogue, while he permits the prospect that Herodotus’ account may really be right. With admire to the Nile’s resources, Agatharchides says that up until eventually the time of writing, ‘no-one claims to have noticeable them nor to have had an account from those that confirm that they've obvious them’, and that due to this the problem is one in all ‘conjecture’ (•ðüíïØÆí) and ‘plausible guesswork’ (ŒÆôÆóôïåÆóìeí ðØŁÆíeí) (1. 37. 6–7). Agatharchides attributes to the Egyptian monks a trust that the Nile originates from ‘the Ocean surrounding the oikoumenē’, yet then items that they're ‘solving the perplexity with one other one and advancing as an evidence a proof itself in a lot want of facts ’ (IðïæßÆ fi äb ôcí IðïæßÆí ºýïíôåò ŒÆd ºüªïí çÝæïíôåò åNò ðßóôØí ÆPôeí ðﺺBò ðßóôåøò ðæïóäåüìåíïí) (1.

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