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By Edward Conze, Anonymous, Donald S. Lopez, Jr.

Whereas Buddhism has no relevant textual content reminiscent of the Bible or Koran, there's a robust physique of scripture from throughout Asia that encompasses the dharma, or the lessons of the Buddha. during this wealthy anthology, eminent student Donald S. Lopez, Jr., brings jointly works from a extensive historic and geographical diversity, and from such languages as Pali, Sanskrit, Tibetan, chinese language, and eastern. There are stories of the Buddha's prior lives, a dialogue of traits and skills for a monk, and an exploration of the various meanings of enlightenment. jointly they supply a shiny photograph of the Buddha and of the monstrous and profound nature of the Buddhist culture.

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The Heart of the World: A Journey to Tibet's Lost Paradise

The parable of Shangri-la originates in Tibetan Buddhist ideals in beyul, or hidden lands, sacred sanctuaries that exhibit themselves to religious pilgrims and in instances of obstacle. The extra distant and inaccessible the beyul, the vaster its reputed traits. historic Tibetan prophecies claim that the best of all hidden lands lies on the middle of the forbidding Tsangpo Gorge, deep within the Himalayas and veiled through a titanic waterfall.

Barlaam and Josaphat: A Christian Tale of the Buddha (Penguin Classics)

A brand new translation of the most well-liked Christian story of the center a long time, which springs from the tale of the Buddha. while his astrologers foretell that his son Josaphat will convert to Christianity, the pagan King Avenir confines him to a palace, permitting him to grasp in simple terms the pleasures of the area, and to determine no disease, demise, or poverty.

Did Dogen Go to China?: What He Wrote and When He Wrote It

D? gen (1200-1253), the founding father of the S? t? Zen sect in Japan, is mainly identified for introducing to jap Buddhism a number of the texts and practices that he came upon in China. Heine reconstructs the context of D? gen's travels to and reflections on China by way of a serious examine conventional resources either by way of and approximately D?

The Scientific Buddha: His Short and Happy Life (The Terry Lectures Series)

This publication tells the tale of the clinical Buddha, "born" in Europe within the 1800s yet ordinarily burdened with the Buddha born in India 2,500 years in the past. The clinical Buddha used to be despatched into conflict opposed to Christian missionaries, who have been proclaiming throughout Asia that Buddhism used to be a sort of superstition. He proved the missionaries mistaken, instructing a dharma that used to be in concord with smooth technology.

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And should these beings who choose natural our bodies to the good holy web site, wishing to worship it, think relaxed after they see that stūpa, jam-packed with relics and extra very good than the other stūpal And whilst i've got attained nirvāṇa, may possibly crowds of individuals come to my holy websites, practice acts of worship, and be destined for heaven or liberation! ’ Having made his vow within the right demeanour, he grabbed a department of the campaka tree and acknowledged to the brahmin Raudrākṣa: ‘Come, nice brahmin, take it! don't prevent me! ’ Then King Candraprabha introduced forth the energy and gear of his personal physique, gave upward push to a considered benevolence and compassion in the direction of the brahmin, and bring to an end his personal head, giving it to the brahmin Raudrākṣa. He died, went past the world of Brahmaloka, and, as a result of his excellence, was once reborn one of the Śubhakṛtsna gods. once King Candraprabha had given away his head, innumerable millions of world-spheres thrice quivered, quavered and quaked; shivered, shuddered and shook; twittered, tremored and trembled. And the deities within the sky started to throw down heavenly plant life akin to lotuses, water lilies, white lotuses and heavenly māndāraka plants, in addition to aloe powder, tagara powder, sandalwood powder and tamāla leaves. They performed heavenly musical tools and shook their outfits approximately. Then the brahmin Raudrākṣa got here out of the pleasure-park, keeping directly to the pinnacle. and lots of millions of beings set free a roar: ‘Alas! The lord who fulfils the desires of everyone has been killed! ’ Then a few of them wandered and roamed round at the flooring, a few cried out with their palms flailing, a few wept with their hair baggy, and plenty of millions of beings accumulated. Then a few of them, sitting in that very spot, gave upward thrust to the meditative trances, died correct there, and have been reborn one of the Śubhakṛtsna gods, within the comparable classification as King Candraprabha. Others gave upward thrust to the meditative trances, died correct there, and have been reborn one of the Ābhāsvara gods. Others gave upward thrust to the 1st meditative trance, died, and have been reborn as population of Brahmaloka. Others amassed jointly, made a pile out of every kind of aromatic wooden, and cremated King Candraprabha’s physique. They placed the blistered bones in a golden urn, erected a relic stūpa at a superb crossroads, publish umbrellas, flags and banners, and worshipped it with incense, garlands, perfumes, lamps and plant life. They every one conceived religion in King Candraprabha, died, and have been reborn one of the six periods of Kāmāvacara gods. And all those that worshipped there grew to become reason upon heaven or liberation. * ‘O monks,’ the Buddha concluded, ‘you can have doubt and uncertainty and imagine that someplace else was once the capital urban known as Bhadraśilā within the Northern kingdom at the moment. you shouldn't imagine therefore. Why? it's this very urban of Takṣaśilā that used to be the capital urban referred to as Bhadraśilā at the moment. ‘O clergymen, you have got doubt and uncertainty and imagine that somebody else was once the king named Candraprabha at the moment.

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