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By Christmas Humphreys

A dictionary and a thesaurus of phrases plus short biographies of eminent Buddhists and students from either East and West.

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V. ), as soon as the capital of Ceylon. Abhidhamma (P. ) Lit. better Dhamma. The 3rd department of the Canon of the Theravāda tuition (q. v. ). (See Tipitaka. ) it's mostly a observation at the Sutta Pitaka. the Sermons, and topics them to research. Philosophical and mental, it includes a complete approach of brain A well known dictionary of buddhism 2 education. (See Satipatthāna. ) The Burmese Sangha focuses on the learn of Abhidhamma. See Nyanatiloka, A consultant during the Abhidhamma Pitaka (1957). Abhijñā (Sk. ) or Abhiññā (P. ) Super-knowledge. Modes of perception attained by way of the perform of Dhyāna (q. v. ). A excessive country of recognition whilst six religious powers were constructed. they're (1) energy to determine what one wills to determine, anyplace; (2) energy to listen to and comprehend all languages; (3) strength to learn innovations; (4) wisdom of former lives (one’s own); (5) wisdom of former lives (those of others); (6) The deliverance of brain from passions. (See Iddhis. ) Abhishekha (Sk. ) Lit. sprinkling. Baptism; consequently consecration or initiation. A time period within the Bst. Tantras of Tibet. See Snellgrove, The Hevajra Tantra, Vol. I. pp. 131–3 (1960). Absolute there's no one Bst. resembling the Hindu Parabrahman, the indescribable final. the closest is Dharmakāya, a philosophic time period. Psychologically this can be the Alayavijñāna of the Yogācāra university. Ontologically Sūnyatā is absolutely the Void, even void of voidness, of which a favorable proposal is Tathatā, the Suchness or Thusness of items. For courting see Suzuki, Essays in Zen Buddhism 3rd sequence, p. 295–8 (1939). Acala (Sk. ) The immovable. A level within the Bodhisattva’s occupation. ‘A Nirvana which isn't extinction’ (Suzuki). In eastern. artwork is Fudō, crucial of the 5 Myōō, minor gods who're earthly brokers for the 5 Nyorai (q. v. ). a well-liked dictionary of buddhism three Ācārya (Sk. ) Suffix that means grasp or instructor, e. g. Sankaracarya. Acintya (Sk. ) unattainable. past the facility of mentation. Ādi-Buddha (Sk. ) The primordial Buddha of Tibetan Bsm. , the self-existent, unoriginated resource of common brain. Its inventive strength is symbolized less than type of 5 Dhyāni Buddhas (q. v. ), whose energetic points are personified below the Dhyāni Bodhisattvas, those in flip being represented in the world because the Manushi or human Buddhas of the seven Root Races of humanity. There are seven Dhyāni Buddhas, yet names of 5 merely are as a rule given. Avalokitesvara (q. v. ) is the Dhyāni Bodhisattva of the current age and the Buddha Gautama his earthly reflex. Advaita (Sk. ) Hindu time period that means non-dual, now not . The Indian doctrine taught by means of Sankara of a Nonduality past the Pairs of Opposites that is a couple of, One being in basic terms the other of Many. Cp. Zen which strives for the instant internal adventure of this sort of Non-duality. (See Vedanta. ) a few Buddhist writers use the shape Advaita. Āgama (Sk. ) culture. The Āgamas are chinese language translations of the Sūtras or Sermons as accumulated by means of the Sarvāstivādin institution of the Hīnayāna. they range little from the corresponding Sutta Pitaka of the Theravāda Canon of at the present time.

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