“The Backhomes, with their futuristic sounds, are alerting us to the fact that the future is unknown, something that we innately fear. Whether it will turn out to be as ghastly as our worst nightmares or as heavenly as our sweetest dreams may come down to the subtle difference in how we perceive it.” (RIDE THE TEMPO)

“The Backhomes’ Tidalwave is a psych-pop masterpiece”


Order a copy on limited edition vinyl while supplies last or find it at these fine stores. Also available on cassette, cd & download via Bandcamp.

Victoria BC: Cavity Curiosity, Vinyl Envy, Supreme Echo, Ditch
Vancouver BC: Red Cat, Audiopile
Edmonton AB: Listen
Calgary AB: Sloth, Melodiya
Olympia WA: Deadbeat
San Francisco CA: Aquarius

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